Every Single Song On The On My Block Season 3 Soundtrack Is A Bop

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: Spoilers for On My Block season 3 are ahead.

While the Core Four get involved in some major musical adventures, there are songs in On My Block season 3 for every heartbreaking and heartwarming moment. From Ruby's (Jason Genao) sexy daydreams about Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia), to Jamal's (Brett Gray) breakthrough, to that flash-forward at the end of the season, these are the songs that helped build each moment.
The official On My Block soundtrack includes three songs written for this season: the "Lunch Money" remix, Father Goose's "Beat On The Street," and Rosé's ode to her former lover "Tricky Ricky."
It's honestly wonderful to see the "Lunch Money" saga on On My Block continue. What started as Jasmine's guilty pleasure in season 1 turned into another one of Jamal's wacky adventures in season 3 — we actually got to meet Ainsley Riches (Mallory James Mahoney). She's like Rebecca Black meets JoJo Siwa and the entire cast of Toddlers and Tiaras grown-up combined.
But! Just in case any other On My Block earworms ended before you could get Siri was to identify 'em, here's a handy guide to the tunes this season. No rewinding necessary: we've got you covered.

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