Oh My God, I Think Justin Bieber Just Spoiled The Bachelor

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Just like the rest of us, Justin Bieber watches Love Is Blind and The Bachelor. Unlike the rest of us, he may or may not have witnessed a gigantic spoiler for Peter Weber's season without even knowing it. Bieber appeared on The Ellen Show on Friday to chat with guest host and fellow Bachelor Nation obsessive Demi Lovato, and he let slip a seemingly innocent fact about Peter that may just spoil the entire season.
"We watch The Bachelor," Bieber tells Lovato in the interview. "[Peter] was at church the other night."
The news, naturally, causes Demi Lovato to freak out about the fact that she missed her chance at meeting Peter, but for the rest of us Bachelor viewers, this story sets off a different type of alarm bells.
Bieber is a member of Hillsong Church, a trendy Christian church that attracts celebrities. For that reason, it's not crazy to think that Peter attends — until you remember his conversation with final-two contestant Madison Prewett back during week 7. At dinner, Madison reveals how important faith is to her, and Peter admits that while he is Christian, he's not as devout as he believes he should be.
"Honestly, [your faith] inspires me so much," he said. "I've been raised in a Christian household and I definitely have faith. I do feel like my faith could be stronger and I do struggle with that sometimes."
Judging by his appearance at Hillsong, it sounds like in the past few weeks, at least, he's making more of an effort to practice his faith. Hm, I wonder who could be inspiring him to do that?
Long story short: It sounds like Peter has started going to church because he ends up with Madison. And Justin Bieber, of all people, was the one to spoil it. Reality Steve, watch out.

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