The Bachelor Finale Promo Just Flipped Every Peter, Hannah Ann, & Madison Theory On Its Head

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
There are several possible outcomes of The Bachelor finale, but one is looking pretty strong after the latest preview. Peter Weber may go after Hannah Ann Sluss, and in doing so may break up with Madison Prewett. At least, that's where the finale promo is pointing.
Bachelor promos are, of course, an exercise in misdirection, but it's easy to see that Peter is struggling making his final decision. He said he was in love with both women and didn't know what to do. We know that his mom encourages him to go after someone, and that someone could be Hannah Ann. It's about time he did something to show her how he really feels.
Hannah had previously complained that she wants to feel chosen and not like a leftover. In the most recent promo, she added that she keeps on giving and giving, but she wants something in return. It's quite possible that she hits a breaking point and leaves the show, and Peter chases after her, finally ready to give her what she needs. He did say in the promo,"There’s no question that I'm in love with Hannah Ann."
Going after Hannah would require Peter to break up with Madi, though. The two have had their struggles, and it could all come to a head after Madi sees his parents again. Peter's father straight-up asks Madi in the promo, "Do you see yourselves as being completely compatible?" If his dad has reservations about their ability to mesh together, that may be enough to help Peter make his decision. That could be why Peter's profusely apologizing to the back of someone's head that looks a lot like Madi's in the promo. "I'm so sorry. From the bottom of my heart, I'm so sorry," Peter says, maybe because he just broke Madison's heart after begging her to stay the week before?
He also added at one point in the preview that he "never ever envisioned this," which could refer to a last minute decision to go with Hannah over Madison. He previously said he wanted Madi in his life forever, but they do have some pretty big differences that they'd need to overcome to make that happen. By contrast, his relationship with Hannah has always been solid.
Everyone will finally get the answers next week in the two-part finale. But don't expect the expected on this one. It seems Peter's gonna keep us (and his two contestants) guessing until the final moments.

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