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If you're looking to start fresh this spring in a much bigger way than just reorganizing your closet, it might be time to dust off the cobwebs on your resume. According to Glassdoor, approximately 30% of new job applications submitted in a given week are from people seeking a job in a new city. Now it’s released a list of the 25 best cities for jobs by comparing the 50 most populous metro areas in the country.
What makes a city one of the best for jobs? The study looked at hiring opportunity (a ratio of job openings to population), cost of living, and job satisfaction equally to find out. All the cities in the top 10 have an average job satisfaction rating between 3.3 to 3.5 out of 5. Glassdoor’s methodology also compared the median home value as a metric of how far your money goes in that city. So while in NYC with you might command a six-figure salary, the median home value in the Big Apple, according to Zillow, is $649,026. Earning the median base salary of Raleigh ($55,252) would be like earning $138,832 in Manhattan, according to Bankrate’s cost of living calculator. Half of the top 10 are cities in the midwest, where several cities have been experiencing an increase in population and major economic growth in recent years. Ahead, these are the 10 best cities for finding your next job.

Raleigh, NC - $55,252

Raleigh is having a moment. It’s currently the 10th best place to live according to U.S. News and has quickly become known as a hub for innovation with an incredibly high growth rate, especially in the tech sector. Combined with a low cost of living, it’s green pastures for job seeking here. But wait, there’s more. Raleigh was also ranked as the 3rd best city for dating in 2020. A random sample of jobs available right now include: Software Engineer (average base pay in Raleigh according to Glassdoor is $79,857), Customer Service Representative ($26,767), and Marketing Manager ($60,504). The median home value in Raleigh is the highest in the top 10, at $279,999.

Pittsburgh, PA - $50,734

Apparently it’s always sunny specifically in Pittsburgh. Number 50 on U.S. News’ best places to live, it’s home to so much more than the stereotypical image as the steel city, with plenty of greenery and an influx of young people moving to the city in recent years. Last year, CN Traveler readers chose Pittsburgh as one of the best big U.S. cities. You can apply for jobs like: Professor ($126,404), Software Developer ($69,661), and Sales Engineer ($76,630). The median home value here is $157,367

Indianapolis, IN - $50,268

Indianapolis is 38th on U.S. News’ list, and the metro area is home to a little over 2 million people. Indianapolis is close to several major universities, but the biggest industry here is health care. You can find jobs like Care Coordinator ($40,582), Truck Driver ($59,711) and Real Estate Agent ( reports a median salary of $41,144). The median home value in Indianapolis is $178,836.

Memphis, TN - $48,336

Memphis is the second Southern city to make the top 10. It’s not particularly high on U.S. News’ list of best places to live, but it’s undoubtedly a city rich with arts and culture. Memphis offers a pretty low cost of living considering it’s a large metro area, and the health care and education industries have great employment opportunities here. Sample of open jobs: Registered Nurse ($54,493), Cashier ($19,105), and Front End Developer ($60,733). The median home value is $150,648.

Cleveland, OH - $49,719

Everyone’s a model in Cleveland, but the hottest jobs here won’t have you strutting down the runway. The second most populous city in Ohio has over 37,000 job openings right now, with many of them in the health care and biomedical industries. Sample of open jobs: Shift Managers ($23,899), Mortgage Loan Officers ($30,073), Human Resources Business Partners ($77,907). The median home value is $183,297

St. Louis, MO - $50,229

St. Louis is the 81st best place to live in America and the metro area has a population of over 3.8 million. There are almost 60,000 job openings right now, and once again, health care is a high-growth industry here, especially personal and home care jobs. A Personal Care Assistant makes around $24,893 in St Louis. Sample of open jobs: Delivery Driver ($26,645), Legal Assistant ($44,108), and Copywriter ($50,226). The median home value is $176,719.

Hartford, CT - $60,320  

Connecticut is one of the wealthiest states in the U.S. by per capita income, though within its borders, the picture is a lot more complex. Hartford nearly faced bankruptcy a few years ago, but with almost 30,000 job openings on Glassdoor right now, things might be on the upturn. It’s the 47th best place to live in the U.S. Available jobs include: Speech Language Pathologist ($59,667), Data Engineer ($82,513), and Physical Therapist ($73,601). But the median home value here is $234,426, which is lower only than Raleigh’s.

Birmingham, AL - $45,000

Birmingham clocks in 89th on the U.S. News ranking. Cost of living is relatively affordable, and two of the metro area’s biggest sectors are finance and insurance. Sample of open jobs: Automotive Technician ($26,221), Software Developer ($66,084), and Warehouse Associate ($26,547). The median home value is $153,702.

Cincinnati, OH - $50,268

The second Ohio city to make it into the top 10. It’s 39th on the U.S. News ranking and is home to big companies like Procter & Gamble and Macy’s. Health care, of course, is a big industry in Cincinnati, too. In 2019 it ranked 4th on a list of cities “that get health care right.” Sample of open jobs: Community Care Coordinator ($38,363), Receptionist ($26,302), Electrician ($43,991). The median home value is $183,297.

Detroit, MI - $55,126

Motor City has a whopping 70,000 job openings currently, more than any in the top 10. The city has been in rapid recovery since filing bankruptcy in 2013, and right now it’s #92 on U.S. News’ list. GM and Chrysler still call Detroit their HQ, but it’s also home to growing tech and bioscience sectors. Sample of open jobs: Special Education Teacher ($43,683), Banker ($26,384), Physician Assistant ($100,765). The median home value is $177,741.

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