Check Your Water Bottle Because Contigo Just Recalled Millions, Again

If you've owned a water bottle at any point over the last ten years, you're probably aware of Contigo water bottles, sold wherever you make your water bottle impulse buys, from Walmart to Target.
Unfortunately, the company is recalling millions of its Kids Cleanable water bottles and replacement lids, pulling product from both Walmart and Target shelves. In fact, the bottles the company recalled this week are actually the ones it distributed after an earlier recall back in August 2019.
The new recall statement reads: "This recall involves Contigo Kids Cleanable water bottles and replacement lids that were given to consumers as part of the August 2019 recall of this product." While the bottle has been recalled twice, it's important to note that only the ones with black spout bases and covers are involved.
The recall in August was issued after the company received nearly 500 reports of spouts detaching. In that recall, 5.7 million bottles (in addition to some 177,000 distributed in Canada and Mexico) with black spout bases and covers were found liable to release the silicone spout, thus posing as a choking hazard. The products were then pulled from Costco, Target, and Walmart shelves, where they were sold in varying sizes and value packs.
The company advises that if you do realize you have one of the affected models, either from the original recall or from the subsequent replacement, (again, only the ones with black spout bases and covers are affected), that you discontinue use, take them away from children, and contact Contigo for a free water bottle.