Vanderpump Rules Really Wants Us To Think Max & Dayna Are Still Dating…

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The only relevant topic on Vanderpump Rules is who is currently dating and who is currently fighting, and although Dayna Kathan is brand-new to the Rules scene, she’s gotten herself both. She’s fighting with Scheana Marie, because Scheana is is frustrated by all the attention the new girl is getting. There's also the fact that Dayna is dating Max Boyens, general manager of TomTom, Scheana's semi-ex, and Lothario of the Vanderpump restaurant group scene. And while, they’re dating as the show is airing, you might not want to start planning the wedding just yet.
Dayna used to work at Tom Tom but got transferred to SUR because the producers needed new people in the restaurant and Dayna was ready — I mean, she got transferred to SUR because Dayna is a great waitress and the restaurant needed help. She and Max were already canoodling, as it were, before the transfer, but it made their whole thing a little easier since she was no longer sleeping with her boss. And this doesn’t seem like your typical love ‘em and leave ‘em SUR scene. Dayna said that Max made her feel “twitterpated,” which is pretty cute. This is a show that has its protagonists stealing sunglasses and allegedly having sex next to sleeping old women, so any ounce of romance is welcome. Yeah, you have Schwartz and Katie, Ariana and Tom, Brittany and Jax, but we've been watching those relationships for years — let's get some new meat.
That said, those butterflies are probably squashed at this point. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Max said of Dayna, “she works for me at TomTom again now, so she’s just bartending. We don’t grab drinks outside of work or anything."
Social media backs this up — there are no pictures of Max on Dayna’s Instagram, and there are no pictures of Dayna on Max’s Instagram. Just pics of themselves, parties, and group outings. Sigh. I guess all love stories can’t be as epic as Stassi and Jax, you know? (Kidding!)
Want to know something even stranger? According to Hollywood Life, Dayna and Scheana are actually BFF now. Up is down, black is white, and who knows what could happen next. I guess they dumped the chump and strengthened their friendship, which is honestly more valuable than a fling in West Hollywood.

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