Your Horoscope This Week

We're keeping our eyes on the prize this week and getting comfortable in our ambitious energy as Venus makes her way through determined Aries. This is a brilliant time to ask for what you want — and to brush up on your charms while doing so. Finesse your approach to authority figures, and learn how to game the system. You may notice a kindling of emotions early Sunday at 2:33 a.m. EST, when the Moon waxes full in proud Leo and trines with fiery Mars. It could be challenging to hold back your true feelings when you interact with others, so embrace honesty. Give people a chance to help if you need it, and process your feelings before moving forward. This transit can encourage you to address your needs for validation, and help you act with intention.
Prepare to focus on healing yourself on Saturday when Chiron (an asteroid) in Aries forms a semi-sextile with transformative Uranus in Taurus. Chiron, named after a wounded healer in Greek mythology, moves to help us to understand better where we may be overcompensating. Pay close attention to how you may be creating unnecessary stress in your life, and let go. Our patience is tested on Saturday as the Moon wanes into her 3rd quarter in strategic Scorpio at 5:17 p.m. EST. During this transit, learn to accept your emotions surrounding the things that you cannot control. Be extra kind to yourself, and hold off on trying to impress others. Now is the time for us to finish the week strong.