So, Taylor Swift & Her Cats Eat At The Same Dinner Table

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images.
There were a lot of essential things to learn about Taylor Swift in the new Netflix documentary Miss America, like how much thought went into her decision to become publicly political as well as what it's like to be part of her songwriting process. Still, perhaps no revelation has shaken my core more than Taylor Swift casually feeding her cat on top of her dinner table. Swift, Cats star, is known for her love of felines, and it's one of those things that I find most relatable about her. But even I wouldn't feed my cat her Friskies at the very same table where my best friend Abigail and I are eating pasta.
Approximately 27 minutes into the doc, Swift has her childhood best friend Abigail Anderson Lucier over for dinner. Meanwhile, her cat Olivia is sitting at the table, which is cute enough until you realize she's there for a reason. After Swift serves plates of pasta and wine with ice cubes in it to her guest, she also grabs a small satchel of cat foot and shakes it out on the table in front of the cat. Olivia then perches her front paws on the table and eats like a human. Like a human who does this a lot.
"Okay, that's dinner," Swift says, sitting down across from Abigail to enjoy their meal and talk about childhood friends while a cat is literally on the table next to them eating food. Without a plate!
That is just one of many cat moments in the doc. In the beginning, Swift's piano playing is ruined by the tiny paws of her new kitten Benjamin Button, and later she's spotted transporting Olivia around in a backpack.
There is a shocking amount erasure of Meredith, Swift's other Scottish fold, in this doc. Why doesn't she get to play piano or eat off the dinner table or ride in a backpack, hm?
There is only one solution: Miss Americana: The Sequel. If one cat gets a seat at the table, they all should.

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