Oreos Introduces Two New Cookie Flavors With Some Incredible Mashups

Oreo is on a roll and there is no rest in sight. Most of us have yet to get our hands on this season’s festive pink Easter Oreos, but the cookie company is already coming at us again with two more reasons to linger in the Nabisco section of the grocery store. And we spot a cookie-ception theme of cookie flavors inspired by other cookies.
The first one is chocolate marshmallow, a flavor combination you've likely been introduced to thanks to cookies like Mallomars or Pinwheels. There is no chance of failure when you start with marshmallow and cover it in chocolate. The cookie is dotted with marshmallow pieces and the creme is chocolate-marshmallow.
The second is caramel coconut. You'd think that the obvious source of inspiration here is the timeless Girl Scout classic, Samoas. However, there's a picture of a cake on the packaging, so we're honestly not sure what that means. 
The devil works hard but as of late, Oreos works harder. In a matter of weeks, we've seen the roll-out of three new cookie flavors, during Girl Scout cookie season, no less. These last two look like fun tributes to some classic snacks, even if that wasn't the intention.

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