Brad Pitt Would Like To Stay “Blissfully Naïve” When It Comes To Jennifer Aniston

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images.
While the world may be talking about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's enthusiastic SAGs reunion, Pitt isn't listening. Or rather, he told Entertainment Tonight that he's "blissfully naive" about all the gossip that's ensued about him and his ex-wife since the award show. Are they still in love? Back together? Dropping a music collab? (That one's my suggestion). However, nothing we say on Twitter is going to make a difference, because Pitt says he's not reading the headlines.
Fifteen years have passed since the split, which went down after five years of marriage. However, tabloids have never quite let it go, so Pitt has had a lot of experience not listening to what people say about their relationship.
"I don't know," he told the outlet. "I'm blissfully naïve and I'm gonna stay that way."
While he may be staying tight-lipped, that's more than Aniston has given us. She hasn't remarked on the fan fervor, but it's possible her Friends co-star, Courteney Cox, has. Someone on Twitter spotted her liking a tweet that claimed Aniston and Pitt were still in love.
"They still love each other, no doubt," the tweet, which was in reply to a photo of Pitt watching Aniston win her SAG award, said, and Cox seems to have given it a heart of approval.
Brad Pitt, if you're listening, blink once if you and Aniston are getting back together, and twice if you need to be rescued from this madness.
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