Peter Weber Starred In This Very Memorable TV Commercial & I’ll Never Be The Same

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You know those commercials that stay lodged in your brain, even if you never buy the product they are advertising or barely remember what the purpose of the commercial was in the first place? That’s how the Sylvan Learning Center commercials of the early aughts were for me, and why I was beyond shook to learn that the star of one super memorable one is none other than Peter Weber, aka the current Bachelor
Maybe you remember this commercial. A mother, who is doing something over by the kitchen sink, hears the rolling sound of a skateboard’s wheels destroying her hardwood floors. 
“Mark?” the mother calls out. “What did I tell you about skateboarding in the house?” 
Technically, Mark is not skateboarding at this moment, though I think it’s pretty insane that he thought it was ever okay to skateboard inside. Instead, Mark has slipped his report card onto the skateboard, then pushed it into the kitchen for his mom to find. 
This was a smart plan on Mark’s part. His mother picks it up, reads the report, and smiles approvingly. Mark, who is lurking in the background of the scene, comes over and his mom gives him a sweet hug.
Mark, we can tell, is a great kid: He’s so proud of his grades, he needed to find a real cutesy way of showing his mom how much he’s improved. Honestly, it does hit you right in the feelings. It's really not surprising that this guy grew up to be the boy-next-door Bachelor.
“This moment brought to you by Sylvan Learning Center,” the voiceover in the commercial declares. 
Weber’s child acting stint was discovered in July 2019, but resurfaced on Twitter thanks to Google’s Brett S. Vergara, a Bachelor stan. Thank God for that, because I can’t believe I lived my life thus far not knowing Weber was Mark and Mark was Weber. 
Unlike some Bachelors (hi, Nick Viall) Weber, an airline pilot, hasn’t expressed interest in acting in the future. This commercial, however, wasn't his only acting opportunity. His IMDb page claims he once appeared on a 2003 episode of Days of Our Lives as a young Roman Brady.
Maybe Weber should go back to his roots: The Sylvan Learning Center is still around, and if they want to really make a splash in their next advertisement, it might be time to call up Mark and see how he’s doing. 
Check out the commercial below:
Refinery29 reached out to Weber for comment.

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