The Outlander Season 5 Trailer Has Mud, Sex, War & Disease

Photo: Courtesy of Starz.
It’s been over a year since the fourth season of Outlander bowed out on Starz, and now, the drama is readying for its fifth foray into time travel, historical moments come to life, and romance that defies time and space.
Season 4 of Outlander took place on the east coast of the soon-to-be United States of America, just before the Revolutionary War. When we last left Claire (Caitriona Balfe), she helped her daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) give birth to a son and reunite with fellow time-traveling love Roger (Richard Rankin). 
There is darkness hanging overhead, however, and it is threatening to tear apart the life this family has struggled to build in their new (old) time. In the final moments of the season 4 finale, Jamie (Sam Heughan) received a letter from the governor, instructing him to kill his dear friend and godfather Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix), the leader of the Regulator Movement. With the war fast approaching, how will the family survive with the rising tension? 
In the new trailer for season 5 of Outlander, Jamie is caught between protecting his men in war and allowing history to play out so that the American revolution — and the country from which it was created — continues to exist. Claire, meanwhile, attempts to figure out what mysterious illness is plaguing the people of their colony, despite Brianna warning her that doing so could be the equivalent of “playing God.” 
How long Brianna and Roger will stay in the soon-to-be war-torn colonies is unclear: If both of them can go back to their original time period — which would be the 1970s — should they, for the sake of their safety and that of Brianna’s child? Roger wants to go, but Brianna can't bear to her parents behind.
Outlander wouldn’t be Outlander without lots of longing gazes between Claire and Jamie, a few epic speeches, and at least one shirtless scene of the red-headed Scot. Some things truly never change, even as the time periods and costumes do. 
Check out the trailer below:
Outlander returns to Starz on February 16, 2020.

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