Jason Derulo Is 125% Positive That Cats Had To CGI Out His Bulge

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Of the many, many questions people had about the Cats trailer, the absence of Jason Derulo’s bulge was not highest on the list. Derulo, however, thought about the situation a lot, and wants to make one thing clear: Cats definitely CGI-ed his nether region. 
The star-studded adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Cats marks Derulo’s first film role. His character Rum Tum Tugger is a rebellious cat who craves attention. Anyone who has seen the show can tell you that Rum Tum Tugger is very sexual, and most of his dance moves involve hip-thrusting. However, in the trailer, Rum Tum Tugger has a decidedly flat crotch. Not that anyone was looking (seriously, was anyone looking?).
On Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show Radio Andy, the host asked Derulo — who wears tights to portray the sexy cat in the film — exactly what had to happen to give him a more feline-like physique. Derulo was a bit more blunt: “Did they CGI the dick out?” he asked Cohen, who admitted that indeed was what he was asking. 
“You’re saying they airbrushed the penis out of the Cats [movie?]” Cohen clarified. 
“One hundred and twenty five percent,” Derulo said. He continued, "It was hilarious. Rebel Wilson was talking about it on a show we were on,” the singer said, possibly referring to the cast interview on MTV. “She was like ‘Yeah, I was around that for four months, I knew exactly [what it looked like.” 
This isn’t the first time that Derulo has had to explain his crotch topography. In November, he posted a picture to Instagram in which he's wearing tight black shorts, which made some people think that he Photoshopped his frontal terrain. He later claimed that Instagram took down the photo. "I can't help my size," he wrote. And he wasn't referring to his height.
"Photoshop?!” Derulo said to TMZ when asked about the possibly faked pic. “Just know that us Haitians, we look different.”
In addition to Derulo, Cats also stars Taylor Swift, Judi Dench, Idris Elba, and Jennifer Hudson. It features what filmmakers are calling "digital fur technology," but 125% less bulge. It's up to you if that means it's still worth seeing.
Check out the trailer for the upcoming film below. 

Cats hits theaters December 20, 2019.

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