Looking For A New Job? Here Are The Top 100 Places To Work In 2020

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When making a decision about where to work (assuming you have the sweet sweet privilege of choice), it’s important to consider multiple factors — salary, benefits, commute, position... the list goes on. But the factor we often forget to include is the culture — do people actually like working there or is it just a shiny-from-the-outside kind of job? Too often, job descriptions over-promise and under-deliver, which is why we're so glad Glassdoor has done some of the heavy lifting for us. Looking at every important factor from workplace culture to salaries to benefits, it put together a list of the top 100 places to work in 2020. Ahead are a few of our favorites.
This Boston-based tech company builds software that helps small to medium companies and has the highest Glassdoor rating at 4.6 stars. Hubspot is known for its commitment to diversity and inclusivity and many of its employees (at least those who reported) make six figures. Plus, they have excellent benefits including a paid sabbatical, 16 weeks of parental leave, and a fitness reimbursement program.
To see a fast food chain come in at number four is honestly a miracle. While this may take the corporate offices into account more than the restaurants themselves, In-N-Out is known for prioritizing their employees’ growth and has ranked in the top 10 since 2013. In-N-Out employees also generally really like their CEO and with 10,000+ employees, that’s very impressive.
This is an unlikely top 10 in that this company is not super well-known, but they have over 5,000 employees who seem pretty darn happy. The makers of AI surgical equipment, Intuitive creates robotic ways to make surgery less invasive, which if you’ve ever had to have surgery, you know is very cool. Their employees are excited about the company’s mission and the cooperative culture and frequently cite the good work-life balance, which is few and far between in the healthcare sector.
Southwest Airlines is what I like to call the Megabus of the sky, and honestly, I’m thrilled it’s a good place to work. Offering flights without seating assignments and at low prices, Southwest has flown me all across this country, with a slew of seemingly very happy employees. Its Glassdoor reviews boast great benefits, including a dollar for dollar 401(k) match up to 9%.
It’s not a surprise that this tech giant made it on to this list. Google has over 10,000 employees, most of whom seem happy. Maybe it’s the ball pits and volleyball courts on their California campus or the three meals a day of free food or the mostly six-figure salaries. Google loses some points for complaints of burnout, but for the most part, the employees sound pleased.
Thank the food gods that TJ’s made it because I can’t live without its chicken drumettes and pesto. Plus, it pays crew members $15 an hour, even if that’s not the standard minimum wage across the country, and gives full-time employees full corporate-esque benefits.
Making it into the top 25 is this millennial-centric athletic apparel brand. Employees of Lululemon seem to really love it there, citing education and growth opportunities even for the lowest level employees and an average of $14/hour for in-store retail workers. (It is important to note that last year it were at #9, so this is a a bit of a fall for 2020.)
The next tech giant on the list, Facebook employees like the constant challenge, smart coworkers, and transportation options, but aren’t as thrilled with the work/life balance, which may explain its lower ranking this year than last (they were #7 last year).
Coming in at #62, St. Jude's is the first hospital on the list. It's known for giving children treatment even if it can’t pay and also having lots of celebrity backers and moving commercials. Down from #13 last year, St. Jude’s employees are excited about the amount of time off and the general morale of the teams and complain mostly about it being in Memphis. 
Coming in near the bottom of the list (and down 13 places from last year) is our third tech giant, Apple. With amazing benefits and work perks, Apple ranks lower because employees find there is little work/life balance, including working on the weekends and through the December holidays. For many, however, the positives outweigh the negatives with benefits including amazing health insurance, Apple discounts, and stock options for both full and part-time employees.
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