Joe Finds A New Enemy On The West Coast In New You Teaser

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Penn Badgley’s book-loving stalker Joe Goldberg has left New York City following the unfortunate “end” of his relationship with Beck (Elizabeth Lail), but just because Joe is hopping coasts doesn’t mean he’s happy about it. In fact, it seems like the entire population of Los Angeles is Joe's latest enemy. In a new teaser for season 2 of Netflix’s You, Joe is very bitter about his new life in La La Land — but, per usual, his beef with the world around him is rife with hypocrisy. 
The teaser features Joe observing his surroundings in an L.A. coffee shop. By “observing,” I, of course, mean “judging everyone severely” for simply living their best lives. 
“Your followers see an image, and imagine you’re on top of the world,” Joe muses in his head when faced with a stylish Instagram influencer. “What they don’t see is the effort you're putting into this fantasy. You’re hiding behind this facade.” 
Later, Joe criticizes a man for “preening his ego” by breaking an intermittent fast with a gluten-free muffin. (Let the man live, Joseph! It’s just breakfast!) He even insults an aspiring writer’s not-so “groundbreaking” screenplay, thereby making everyone who works from coffee shops terrified that people are reading over their shoulders. 
Alas, while Joe may narrate You with the utmost confidence that his worldview is the righteous one, the teaser reminds us that Joe is nothing more than a fraud. After declaring that everyone in his new city is just “pretending to be someone their not,” Joe gives his name to the barista. 
“Hi,” Joe says. “I’m Will.” 
For anyone who had questions about how Joe would get away with murder and escape his ex-girlfriend Candace (Ambyr Childers), it seems that his new identity is part of the answer. Alas, in a genuine case of "wherever you go, there you are," it seems that moving to a new city won't stop Joe from gazing upon a new "you." In this case, it's a new character named Love, played by Victoria Pedretti. Watch out, girl.
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Joe’s back, but where? YOU S2 December 26.

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Will Joe find that Will acclimates to the Insta-loving, gluten-shunning, industry-working ways of the City of Angels? Or will Will leave more bodies in his quest to find and keep true love? 

Check out the teaser below. Season 2 of You drops on Netflix on December 26.

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