Every Must-See Documentary From 2019

'Tis the season for year-end roundups, and if you’re a fan of documentary film, you’ve come to the right place. The following slideshow features 21 of the best documentaries of 2019, giving you plenty to catch up on during any free time you might have this December (or free time you might make yourself by canceling plans). And if following awards season is your thing, you can expect to see some of these documentaries raking in the nominations. It’s finally time to recognize all five Oscar nominees for Best Documentary Feature. It can be done if your put your mind to it!
Naturally, documentaries vary greatly in their subject matter and style, so the following films should have something for everyone. There are two concert documentaries and a few nature films. There are political stories, involving satanists, Chinese billionaires, and the 2016 midterm election. (Not all in one movie, although that might be interesting, too.) Want to learn more about Fyre Festival? You have your choice of streaming service on which to watch a documentary about the failed event, because not one, but two films came out about it earlier this year.
Get comfortable. Watch some trailers. Jot down your favorites. It’s time to get educated about everything from beekeeping to Pavarotti.

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