Where Is Alex Kapp From The Preppy Murder Now?

True crime documentaries give the public opportunity to reexamine cases that have been long buried by the news cycle. SundanceTV and AMC’s five-part doc series The Preppy Murder: Death in Central Park does just that. The docuseries details the 1986 case of Robert Chambers, a man who was tried for the death of 18-year-old Jennifer Levin and eventually pled guilty to manslaughter following a media circus that involved rumors of wild sex gone wrong. Filling out a portrait of Chambers’ life in the documentary is Alex Kapp, the former girlfriend of Chambers who was with him days before Levin’s body was found strangled in Central Park. 
Kapp told The New York Post in 2016 that as a teenager, she was “madly in love” with Chambers, but learned later that he was a pathological liar who would routinely lie about even the most basic facts of his life. The night that Levin was killed, Kapp got into an altercation with Chambers at a bar, and he later left with Levin. 
“[Jennifer] made a comment that made it clear that she was interested in pursuing more of a relationship with [Robert] and that I should step aside,” Kapp told The New York Post. “In a moment of pure theater, I took out a box of condoms and threw them at him and yelled, ‘Use these with someone else because you are not going to get to use them with me.’”
Though Kapp gained notoriety for her relationship with Chambers, she would later go on to find success in the acting world. Kapp appeared as a guest star on shows like Party of Five, Seinfeld, Friends, and Will & Grace. From 2006 to 2010, she starred as Lindsay in the Julia Louis-Dreyfus series The New Adventures of Old Christine. Recently, she appeared on a 2016 episode of MTV’s Sweet/Vicious and a 2018 episode of The Mick
In addition to her acting career, Kapp also works as a “divorce coach.” She was previously married to Christian Horner
“I've been through a divorce, and I am on the other side,” reads Kapp’s website. “And as a trained divorce coach, I can help you get to your other side with dignity, grace, and the knowledge that you were your best self during the transition into the next, and hopefully best chapter of your life.”

In November, Kapp went on friend Heather McDonald’s podcast Juicy Scoop to discuss her involvement in the so-called Preppy Murder case. In the video, she talks about the moment she knew that Chambers was, in her words, a "sociopath."
Check it out below:

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