Elizabeth Chambers Hammer Feels Most Powerful Surrounded By Other Powerful Women

Elizabeth Chambers Hammer makes people feel powerful — emphasis on the "full" — from the inside out. As the founder and CEO of BIRD Bakery, the TV host and journalist has perfected the art of not only the perfect monster cookie, but also the art of balancing life as an entrepreneur and mother to two young children, and wife to one Armie Hammer.
You've probably heard and seen her offering holiday cooking and baking inspiration on The Today Show, The Food Network, and The Cooking Channel. Now, she's offering up some delicious career advice.

I feel most powerful when... 

I know I have given my all and have left nothing on the table. Regardless of the outcome of a project or situation, if I know I’ve truly put forth my greatest effort, that makes me feel the most powerful. The days before Thanksgiving and Christmas are our two of the busiest days of the year at BIRD Bakery. My team and I are always exhausted as we close the registers and the kitchens at the end of those very long days, (which come at the end of very long weeks), but we are exhausted in the most positive and satisfying way. Exhausted, yet powerful.

Power to me means...

Possessing truth and understanding of yourself. I believe that an understanding of what drives and inspires you, allows a deeper connection with understanding of others. Which is the ultimate power.

What do you do when you feel powerless? 

I try to do my best to find perspective, and I rely heavily on my faith. There are many times when I’ve felt powerless and desperately wanted the reality of a situation to be drastically different, but ultimately the situation resolved itself — often for the best. I believe that people are the greatest gift and asset, so when someone I work with whom I have a wonderful relationship with has decided to change professions or stop working, it’s an incredibly powerless feeling. But ultimately, all we can do is offer solutions and understand that it’s often people, not situations who can make you feel the most powerless.

What's your power anthem? 

The very odd mix of hip-hop with  “Don’t Look Back in Anger,” by Oasis. 

Who's your power icon?

Every woman who has set out to achieve her goals, every woman who has raised her children, and the women who do it alone or without support. I’m amazed by women every single day.

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