Movies On Hulu That You Can Safely Watch With Your Family This Thanksgiving

Photo: Doane Gregory/Fox Searchlight/Kobal/Shutterstock.
Thanksgiving is basically the national holiday on which we all stuff our faces with turkey and pie until we can barely move, and roll ourselves onto the couch for a nap. And since, in most families, Thanksgiving dinner is served early in the day, that leaves the rest of the afternoon and night to just hang out with your family and maybe go back to the kitchen once or twice for green bean casserole leftovers or another spoonful of apple-cranberry cobbler. Some people use this time to watch football or some other sedentary activity. But the best way to pass the time, of course, is watching movies after Thanksgiving dinner, or at least having one in the background while you take a snooze or scroll through everyone’s Instagram photos of their own family dinners.
But if you’re still unsure about what you want to watch with your family this year, consider these family movies on Hulu. Whichever one you pick (or hell, pick 'em all) is guaranteed to be the perfect post-dessert activity. And bonus: You won’t have to sit through another conversation with your parents who are wondering when you’ll get married/have kids/have your life together because you’ll all be too busy watching the screen! Genius!

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