Ikea Announced Its Black Friday Sales – Here’s What You Need To Know

Photo: Nicolas Liponne/NurPhoto/Getty Images.
Black Friday is a menace to the space-time continuum. In name, it lasts only a day. Specifically, it should take place the day after Thanksgiving. But as retailers continue to raise the stakes and swell the excitement, Black Friday spilled into the night of Thanksgiving and flooded the first half of December with Small Business Saturdays and Cyber Mondays.
In response, Ikea is giving us a slow drip of sales, the earliest of which starts the day before Thanksgiving and lasts through December 8th. Because it's not like you can apply the same logic to an Ikea run as say storming a Best Buy and grabbing everything in sight. A keen Ikea shopper knows that one trip is never enough and that one car is only the beginning.