Every Original Angel Who Walked So The New Charlie’s Angels Cast Could Run

Photo: Courtesy of Sony Pictures.
Whenever the topic of sisterhood comes up in the world of entertainment, the manys casts of Charlie’s Angels aren't far behind. Originally created in 1976 by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts, the action-crime drama introduced TV viewers to out-of-this-world gadgets, chic costumes, and expertly choreographed fight sequences. But at the center of the series, its subsequent movies, and one (unfortunately ill-fated) TV reboot is a group of three women who have each other’s back no matter what. 
So, it’s no wonder that Hollywood is so obsessed with returning to this world. The latest to be charmed by the Angels' pitch-perfect combo of wits and brawn is Elizabeth Banks, co-writer and director of 2019's Charlie’s Angels. The film, which is in theaters now, canonizes the original series and the 2000s Angels movies with Drew Barrymore, and envisions a present world in which there aren't just three Angels, but an entire international network of female crime fighters.
The 2019 Charlie’s Angels cast is, of course, still led by three women: Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska. But this entry is the first to have a woman leader behind the scenes. Under Banks’ direction, these new spies aren’t just women who follow Charlie’s every command. They are highly trained fighters with unmatched investigative skills and a few ideas of their own.
Across two television series and three films, there have been 15 leading women who have stepped into the role of Angel. Each with her own unique strengths. Let's take a look at them.

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