This Is How To Watch Lizzie McGuire Before We Are Blessed With A Reboot

Photo: Walt Disney Television/Photofest.
If you were a tween in the early '00s, you most likely wore butterfly clips in your hair, had an S.O. for six days, and stanned Lizzie McGuire before stanning was a thing. Now if you know all about "getting one step closer each and every day (we're gonna figure it out on the wayyy)", you'll want to listen up quick because Lizzie McGuire is getting a reboot on Disney+ AKA it's time to binge every single episode of the original series in preparation.
If you want to catch up with Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo (and Matt and the parents too, I guess), you'll have to have a cable subscription or shell out some cash. If you have cable, such as Xfinity, that includes Disney, you should be set when it comes to watching animated Hilary Duff try to figure out if she has a crush on Gordo. If you're a cable-less millennial, you can get your fill of low rise jeans and mean popular girls (ugh, Kate is the enemy!) by buying the whole series on YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Prime, or iTunes.
If you can wait a day, you'll also be able to watch the series on the forthcoming Disney+, which is set to launch tomorrow and will cost you $6.99 a month. You may be saying, "but I don't want another subscription service!!" to which I would thoughtfully reply, "but where else can you get Lizzie McGuire (new and old), Star Wars, and Moana, all in the same place?" Needless to say, I will be $6.99/month poorer starting tomorrow, because ya girl cannot get enough of Matt's antics and that iconic red ball credit sequence!
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