Chris Evans Takes A Break From Being Earnest To Goof Around On Billy On The Street

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Finally, you don't have to decide between celebrating Billy On The Street coming to Netflix and the new movie Knives Out. Billy Eichner and Chris Evans are here to help you do both, with the Avengers actor appearing on the newest episode of Billy On The Street. Technically, this epic crossover already went down back when someone mashed up Eichner's "Let's go lesbians" with a video of Evans as Captain America, but now we get them together as an IRL treat — and Paul Rudd came along, too.
However, no sooner had to the two Avengers stars united than Eichner tried to tear them apart.
"Who would you rather have sex with: Chris Evans or Paul Rudd?" he asked a passerby, who sided with the Clueless star.
"As if," Rudd replied.
However, the real focus of the episode? In case you didn't hear before, Billy On The Street is now officially on Netflix. As in today. Right now.
"I'm on Netflix now," Eichner cried at one point. "That's what we're here to talk about."
However, he's not loyal to any network.
"Okay, will you still be on Netflix when ABC/Disney has their streaming service?" a stranger asked.
"Give me 100 bucks," he replied. "I'll take these episodes to Disney+ right now, do you understand me? I have no allegiance!"
Coincidentally, Disney+ launches next week. Rudd not included.
Of course, Eichner couldn't end the segment without a nod to he and Evans' classic meme.
“Now Chris and I are joined by Chris’s worst nightmare: a bunch of lesbians that don’t care that he’s hot!" he cried. "Let’s go lesbians, let’s go!"
Watch the episode below.

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