Daylight Saving Time Is Here & The Internet Used That Extra Hour To Meme Love For It

Photo: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images.
It’s daylight saving time and you know what that means! Sure, it gets dark earlier now. Yes, it is signaling the cold winter months ahead. However, thanks to that “extra” hour of sleep, we have never felt more well-rested. When the world is well-rested, the internet is well-rested, and when the internet is well-rested, we get spectacular memes.
The internet loves daylight saving time. It is the Harry Styles of calendar events. It disappears for a while, but when it comes back, everyone loses their minds and can’t stop talking about how great it is. And rightfully so. Who doesn’t want an extra hour of sleep? On a weekend, no less. 
Twitter made the most of that extra hour by filling our timelines with hilarious memes to underscore — if it wasn’t abundantly clear already — that an extra hour of sleep is the best thing to wake up to. From a long-term perspective, what is the point of setting our clocks back an hour in the winter anymore? Studies have shown that changing up the time can mess with our circadian rhythm and actually disrupt our sleep schedule. From a short-term, much more meme-able perspective, let’s get that sleep!

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