The Most Popular Halloween Candy By State Shows That We Like Strange Sweets

Photo: Courtesy of Skittles.
Halloween, aka every candy lover’s favorite holiday, is almost upon us. If you live in Arizona, California, or Florida, you’re probably dreaming about Skittles. Seriously. A ranking of the most popular Halloween candy in every state (and Washington, D.C) was released by, and let’s just say the results are pretty sweet. 
Shoppers will spend an estimated $2.6 billion on Halloween candy this year, according to the National Retail Federation, so the online candy retailer partnered with major candy manufacturers and distributors to conclude which treats would be the biggest hits. The rankings are based on 12 years of sales data, taken from 2007 to 2018, with a focus on the months leading up to Halloween. 
Some of the results are surprising. Who knew salt water taffy would be popular in Nebraska, Washington, and Wyoming? Or even at all, especially when my personal favorite, Nestlé Crunch bars, are missing from the list entirely. The infamous (depending on who you ask) seasonal favorite candy corn claims top honors in more than one state, including New Mexico and Idaho, while residents in the District of Columbia, New Jersey, and Tennessee seem to be interested in how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. 
In addition to state rankings, also released a list of the most popular Halloween candy in the U.S. overall. Skittles takes the No. 1 spot, followed by Reese’s Cups, M&M’s, and Snickers. They are followed by, Starburst, candy corn, Hot Tamales, Tootsie Pops, and Sour Patch Kids. And finally, in 10th place, Hershey’s. 
Check out the full list of favorites broken down by state, below. 
Most Popular Halloween Candy By State
Alabama ― Hershey’s Mini Bars
Alaska ― Twix
Arizona ― Skittles
Arkansas ― Hot Tamales
California ― Skittles
Colorado ― Twix
Connecticut ― Milky Way
Delaware ― Skittles
District of Columbia ― Tootsie Pops
Florida ― Skittles
Georgia ― Jolly Ranchers
Hawaii ― Skittles
Idaho ― Candy corn
Illinois ― Kit Kat
Indiana ― Hot Tamales
Iowa ― Candy corn
Kansas ― Reese’s Cups
Kentucky ― Swedish Fish
Louisiana ― Lemonheads
Maine ― Sour Patch Kids
Maryland ― Reese’s Cups
Massachusetts ― Butterfinger
Michigan ― Starburst
Minnesota ― Skittles
Mississippi ― Snickers
Missouri ― Milky Way
Montana ― Dubble Bubble
Nebraska ― Salt water taffy
Nevada ― Candy corn
New Hampshire ― Starburst
New Jersey ― Tootsie Pops
New Mexico ― Candy corn
New York ― Hot Tamales
North Carolina ― Reese’s Cups
North Dakota ― Candy corn
Ohio ― M&M’s
Oklahoma ― Dubble Bubble
Oregon ― Reese’s Cups
Pennsylvania ― Hershey’s Mini Bars
Rhode Island ― Twix
South Carolina ― Skittles
South Dakota ― Starburst
Tennessee ― Tootsie Pops
Texas ― Reese’s Cups
Utah ― Jolly Ranchers
Vermont ― M&M’s
Virginia ― Hot Tamales
Washington ― Salt water taffy
West Virginia ― Blow Pops
Wisconsin ― Starburst
Wyoming ― Salt water taffy

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