Kim Kardashian West’s Halloween Pumpkins Are Super Minimalist & On-Trend

When it comes to decor, less is always more at the Kardashian West residence, where Kim takes her newfound asceticism to heart. Their house forgoes color for beige (so much beige) and sinks for divets. The light switches in every room are a set of three buttons with enough ambient and “vibe” potential to create any mood, we guess because when your space is so bare, even the smallest details become statements. This is why today we’re talking about the color of Kim’s Halloween pumpkins, which she recently shared on her Instagram story. 
Cue the season’s hottest decor color: sage green. Also known as “neo mint” or “secluded green,” the Kardashian-Wests stuck to this delicate color for a pile of pumpkins artfully assembled outside their residence. They look elegant as hell on the concrete. Inside, there's a pile of ivory pumpkins with delicate patches of greyish-green.
Here at Refinery29 we’ve been obsessing over the cool, pale, almost neutral greens that have come to dominate interior design collections everywhere. It’s the color of all seasons, providing a triumphant transition from the last days of summer into the cool overcast days of fall. And Kim has officially joined the fandom. Note that this shade also appears in her new shapewear line, Skims, and has been renamed “Mineral.”
In any given selfie from home, it looks like Kim is in the midst of moving out. We guess that’s the look? But this means decorating for the holidays calls for a bit more creativity. How to bring the spooky joys of Halloween into a home that houses three kids under the age of six, without disturbing the Yeezy-inspired color scheme of the Hidden Hills home? The answer, apparently, is a chic pile of monochrome pumpkins, strategically strewn by the entryway. We’re sure Kim and Kanye won’t mind if you copy. 

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