This Is The Looking For Alaska Cast We’ve Waited 14 Years To See

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
The first teens to fall in love with John Green's Looking for Alaska might have kids of their own by now, but at last this 2005 novel is hitting our screens on Hulu this week. We've cast the book in our heads a million times over the past 14 years, as too has Josh Schwartz (probably), the O.C. and Gossip Girl creator who was supposed to make it a movie way back when. Is it possible that real actors will embody the characters we imagined so vividly?
Thank the streaming gods, Schwartz and partner Stephanie Savage are still onboard for this adaptation, so we have every confidence in their picks for the series. (Just as we're so far pretty pleased about their picks for Nancy Drew.)
The producers also managed to make a few tweaks for the better in this translation from book to movie. For one thing, Takumi was the only non-white character in Green's novel. Now, we have The Colonel played by Denny Love and religion professor Dr. Hyde played by Ron Cephas Jones. Since this is an eight-episode series, there's also a chance to add a little more depth to the characters we saw rather one-dimensionally in the story narrated by Miles "Pudge" Halter (Charlie Plummer).
It's good to know that Green seems pretty pleased with this crew, too.
"I'm so grateful that this story is still around, and so grateful to Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz who have been working on this adaptation for more than 10 years," Green said in one of his Vlog Brothers Youtube videos. "The cast is so lovely, as you're about to see. Their chemistry is super real."
Let's get to know them ourselves, shall we?

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