Big Mouth Season 4 Is Happening & It’s Going To Go Through Serious Changes

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Bridgeton Middle School is officially out for the summer at the end of Big Mouth’s season 3. Coach Steve received a handsome makeover from the cast of Queer Eye; after harping on it all season long, the school’s principal has finally retired; and our protagonists Nick (Nick Kroll), Andrew (John Mulaney), Jessi (Jessi Klein), Missy (Jenny Slate), and Jay (Jason Mantzoukas) have graduated the seventh grade. Now, the question remains: How long will we have to wait for Big Mouth season 4 to premiere?
If you’ve binge-watched the entire season already, there's good new and bad news: Netflix renewed Big Mouth for seasons 4, 5, and 6 over the summer, so there will be plenty more of the animated series about tweens navigating puberty, sexuality, gender, and relationships. 
These new 11 episodes may be the most hormonal installment of Big Mouth yet, but the next few seasons are only going to get more intense after that season 3 finale. 
When Big Mouth season 3 ends, Andrew has told Nick that he’s not going to summer camp with him and he doesn’t want to be friends anymore. Whoa. Jessi’s mom is seen pounding a “for sale” sign into the lawn in front of their house after she reveals to her daughter that she wants them to move to New York City. Missy is seen burning photos of ex-love interests Lars (Neil Casey), Nick, and Andrew, after they all fought over her. All of this happening while an acoustic version of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” plays softly in the background.
Meanwhile, Jay is the only character with a seemingly happy ending this season: He’s finally accepted into his own family as a “Bilzerian."
This all means that when Big Mouth comes back for season 4, eighth grade could be off to a rocky start for our favorite adolescents. Look no further than Nick's painfully accurately set-up for the next step in our crew's journey: “Everything is so weird and complicated right now.”
We could see former best friends Nick and Andrew navigate the new school year separately. We may see a brand new Missy, as she leans into experiencing the full force of her powers of puberty and newly acquired adult emotions. In season 4 we could even find Jessi at a new school — or gone altogether.
The official date for Big Mouth season 4 is nowhere near being announced (give 'em a minute, okay?). But one thing is for certain: From here on out, the theme song is going to ring truer than ever, because everyone's going through some serious, serious changes.

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