Get Reacquainted With The Cast Of Peaky Blinders

It's finally time: Peaky Blinders (and the cast fans hold so dear) is back for season 5. We've been waiting patiently for its return and we are finally being rewarded... that is until we finish binging this season and have to wait and see if a sixth season is in our future.
Time hasn't just passed for fans, though, there's been a time jump in the show as well. Peaky Blinders season 4 ended in 1925 and season 5 picks up not quite where they left off in 1929. Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) has supposedly left behind his life of crime for a career in politics, but we're not convinced that he'll stick to it. Even if he does, there's plenty of other members of the Shelby family to get up to no good.
As much as we love Peaky Blinders, we have to admit, nearly two years between seasons has us a little rusty. We could use a refresher course on all the key players, vendettas, and who did and didn't die in season 4 (so many people died in season 4!).
Click through to see which of your favorite characters are in season 5 and the new characters to look out for.

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