SuperM Is About To Make Their U.S. Debut — Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Photo: Courtesy of SM Entertainment.
The Avengers of K-pop are here to save the world. Their name is SuperM and they will release a mini-album on October 4. K-pop stans are already in shambles with anticipation.
The group, which is indeed something like an Avengers ensemble, features seven members from the already wildly successful K-pop groups SHINee, EXO, NCT 127, and the Chinese pop group WayV. 
Korean powerhouse music label SM Entertainment announced in August that they would debut a new K-pop group, SuperM, that would specifically appeal to global fans and debut in the U.S. 
Since the announcement, several music video trailers have been released, alongside merch (group- and individual-themed), and even a texting service to get updates from the band directly. 
Have no idea who any of these K-pop groups are? Skeptical about how members from other bands will play together? Everything you need to know about SuperM is below.

Who Are The Members Of SuperM?

In short, SuperM’s members are Taemin, Baekhyun, Kai, Taeyong, Mark, Ten, and Lucas. 
The more complicated answer is as follows:
The member with the longest musical career (though ironically not the eldest) is Taemin from SHINee. Taemin, who has released three solo albums alongside his six albums with SHINee, is known especially for his dancing skills.
The two members from EXO are Kai and Baekhyun. EXO, if you haven’t heard, currently holds the record for SM Entertainment’s most viewed music video, currently clocking in more than 291 million views. Baekhyun is a lead vocalist in the group and Kai is known as the lead dancer. 
The youngest members of SuperM are all under the massive 21-member group NCT (Neo-Culture Technology). NCT 127, of which Taeyong and Mark are staples of, is a subunit of the group. NCT 127 recently wrapped up promotions in the U.S. for their latest songs, “Superhuman” and “Regular,” with appearances on both Good Morning America and The Late Late Show with James Cordon.
You may notice that Ten is actually apart of NCT U, but he is also in the China-based WayV, which was the last group to debut under the NCT banner. Ten is joined by Lucas from WayV, to wrap up the lineup for SuperM.
So far, the members appear to get along well with each other. Everyone seemed to be very cozy together in an Instagram live video the group held after a dance practice. Many jokes were to be had, including Taemin teasing Lucas about his handsome face and Baekhyun being declared the official leader of the group.

Why Does SuperM Have Members From Already Existing Groups?

Having members venture outside of their main groups is actually a standard practice for SM Entertainment. The company frequently encourages its artists to work together on solo projects and endeavors separate from their main band. In fact, SM Entertainment sometimes holds company-wide events known as SM Town concerts that feature every currently existing group. The concerts also frequently allow for collaboration across bands to create moments such as a special stage where Taemin and Kai performed “Pretty Boy” together despite being from different groups.

Where Can I Listen To SuperM Songs?

While the official single has not yet dropped, SuperM released an instrumental song on Spotify. Pre-order and pre-save links for the digital album are also available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Google Play. Additionally, both Mark and Ten’s teaser trailers feature the same musical background, which some fans suspect will be on the upcoming album.

Will SuperM Have A Concert In The U.S.?

SuperM will reportedly have a concert in Los Angeles on October 5, though no official announcement has yet been made. If you have ever doubted the sleuthing of K-pop stans, know that they were the ones who noticed on this seemingly harmless website advertising events in Hollywood that two streets would be closed off for a SuperM concert.
If you’re now in full stan mode, never fear. Fan service is a major feature of the genre, and we’re pretty sure Kai’s teasers just broke the internet.

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