Will There Be A Season 2 Of The A List?

Photo: Courtesy of BBC.
The A List, Netflix’s latest supernatural teen drama, had us asking so many questions. What is up with Amber? What is going on on that remote island? Why did no one get any red flags about going to an isolated island without cell service or Wi-Fi? But, by the end we had one burning question: will there be a season 2?!?
For those of us who have already binged the show, 13 episodes is not enough. We need more. The cliffhanger ending already has us coming up with ideas of how season 2 could go. Neither Netflix nor the BBC has made a formal announcement, but it has only been streaming in the U.S. for a week. The A List premiered in the U.K. on BBC iPlayer in October 2018 and it is likely the confirmation of a renewal greatly depends on how well it does streaming to an international audience. 
A group of British teenagers, expecting to have the summer of their lives, arrive on Peregrine Island to discover it is nothing like it was advertised in the brochure. Think more Lord of the Flies than Instagrammable paradise. It’s basically a much darker, more dire version of Fyre Festival — if Fyre Festival were full of nightmarish mysteries deeper than “How did everyone think this would go well?”
In an interview with Den of Geek, the show’s co-creators, Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier, described the series as a mix of Mean Girls meets Lost. “We reference Mean Girls constantly. We have a lot of history with grafting genres onto very everyday teen stories, putting realistic characters in genre settings. We like to write characters who are living in a world where these other shows exist. They’re very self-aware," said Berlinka.
The cast sounds all too ready to film a second season of the plot-twisting thriller, too. “For a lot of us, A List is our first, big job and we had such a great time filming it...Hopefully, if we get a second season, it will be really interesting to see where all the characters go!” Ellie Duckles, who plays Amber, told the BBC.

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