The Kids & Adults In IT Chapter Two Are Almost Too Well Cast

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures.

Do you ever watch something that features a character as both a kid and an adult and think to yourself “how did they do such perfect casting across the different decades?” That’s definitely something that’s going to be on your mind when you come out of IT Chapter Two. The kid Losers and the adult Losers are so strikingly similar, you’d think the cast of IT Chapter Two were genetically engineered to be the spitting image of their on-screen counterpart in a lab, and it’s not like we’re complaining about that. We have to admit that Beverly actors Jessica Chastain and Sophia Lillis could easily be a real mother-daughter duo, if not actual twins. 
The events of IT Chapter Two take us 27 years past 2017’s IT, so the kids are now roughly three decades older and that means we’ve got some full-fledged movie stars playing these roles now. While some of them will obviously be incredibly familiar to you, some you might not have encountered over your regular movie and television watching schedule. So if you’re looking for a who’s who in the cast, or simply need a quick refresher on the characters and their kid-counterparts from the first film, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everyone, both young and old, that you’ll find in the second installment of this terrifying saga. t

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