The Actors Weren't Emotional At All During 13 Reasons Why's Big Season 3 Death Scene

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Warning: Major spoilers for season 3 of 13 Reasons Why ahead.
Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why asked two major questions: Who killed Bryce Walker, and why? Though the show introduced over a dozen plausible suspects, the dark truth of the matter is that it was Alex (Miles Heizer) who shoved a beaten Bryce (Justin Prentice) off that dock to drown, all to protect Jessica (Alisha Boe) from any more pain. Bryce's death scene on 13 Reasons Why is intense, with Jessica confronting her rapist and both she and Alex allowing him to die as they watch. Offscreen, however, Boe says the cast was anything but emotional.
"I wish I was in an emotional place," Boe laughs as she explains the situation to Refinery29 during the season 3 press junket. "It was so funny. We were filming near the water, but there’s a separate pool to film in [for the drowning scenes]. So, when Bryce would fall [off the dock], Justin would fall onto a mat. Justin was so kind to do 'drowning noises' for us. Me and Miles, we were trying to act, but we were just dying in between takes — no pun intended. He was really going all-out for us with those noises!"
Boe reveals that not everyone knew that Jessica and Alex were the ones with Bryce in his final moments.
"I knew from the beginning, because Brian, our showrunner, made it clear that if we wanted to know anything, we could. He had an outline of the whole season, so you could learn what just your own character did, or the whole thing," she explains. "Justin didn’t want to know anything, because it would make sense for his character not to know, especially who killed him. Brian said it would be best if me and Miles knew, because it would help when we were talking about it, to know why we were being so secretive."
And oddly enough, Boe admits she wishes Jessica had a bigger role in Bryce's death.
"I wanted to be the one [who killed him.] I wanted to be the one, but oh well. It’s twisted to say, but you know what I mean!"
Boe may have not gotten emotional filming Bryce's death scene, but Jessica will likely have to deal with the fallout from her decision to cover up the murder in season 4.

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