The Art Of Racing In The Rain Cast Includes Parker The Dog & Also These Humans

Photo: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
Don't know if you noticed this, but The Art of Racing in the Rain is a movie narrated by a dog, a golden retriever, to be more specific. No matter how much any human being with a heart must agree that golden retrievers are Very Good Boys and Girls, we also agree that cute animals do not necessarily make the best movie narrators. Really the only way this movie can be at all appealing for anyone over the age of six is if it has an excellent cast to support this canine narration. Say, if it starred such fan favorites as Milo Ventimiglia and Amanda Seyfried.
Though it is much less important, there is also a plot in this movie, based on the 2008 best-selling novel by Garth Stein, also called The Art of Racing in the Rain. It's about an aspiring race car driver (Ventimiglia) who adopts a golden retriever puppy and names him Enzo, after Enzo Ferrari. This pup also gets to narrate the book, btw. After watching a documentary about Mongolian dogs, Enzo develops the belief that very good dogs get reincarnated as people, and lets this notion guide his life. He tries his best to be a very good boy, even when he gets jealous of his owner's new wife (Seyfried). This wife complicates matters further for Enzo by having a baby, and then by doing something else that we won't reveal right now because it is sort of a spoiler. Just know that it will make you cry.
While it seems the dogs who played Enzo in the film did no interviews to promote the film (what divas!), we know from Ventimiglia that they were amazing to work with, and he really wanted to take his main costar, Parker, home with him. Onset romances don't always work out so well, so we're happy this didn't happen. If that bit of trivia is not what you came here to find out, read on for more info on everyone else who shared the screen with Parker The Dog.

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