What The Beverly Hills, 90210 Cast Was Up To Before The New Reboot

Photo: Courtesy of Fox.
As you may have heard, Beverly Hills, 90210 is back, baby! But this time it’s got a new, meta twist to it. In BH90210, which premieres on FOX on August 7, the cast of the original Beverly Hills, 90210 series — some more "main" than others — will star as heightened versions of themselves, inspired by the actors’ real lives and relationships.
In BH90210, the actors will reunite in a fictional, scripted series that will find them trying to get a Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot off the ground — so layered! This means we’ll get to see the cast playing themselves (with a twist and new actors playing their significant others and family members) and the characters we know and love. If that sounds like a brain teaser, it kind of is... but maybe it will be fun to watch too. We can hope, right?
To help you keep everyone straight, we’ve put together thing handy rundown of the main cast, their characters, and a bit of info about what they were up to last time they were in the BH90210 world and what they've been doing recently, in the real world.

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