Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon's Wedding Is Happening Very, Very Soon

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There are two major Bachelor Nation weddings happening in August, but one of them has been in the making since Bachelor In Paradise season two in 2015. That's right, Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon's wedding updates have revealed when the two plan to tie the knot (hint: it's soon). According to their Crate and Barrel registry (they still need curtains, if you're so inclined), the duo is set to get married on August 31, 2019. (Bachelorette couple Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo make up the other August wedding, sometime mid-month.)
Ashley and Jared's path to marriage was a bumpy one. While she was head over heels for him in Paradise, he didn't seem to feel the same way on either season that he was on with her. But the two formed a friendship that lasted through all the drama, and that friendship eventually turned into love for both of them. Now they're getting married, and here's what they've shared so far:
It Won't Be On ABC
Ashley revealed in one of her Cosmopolitan columns that her wedding to Jared will not be televised. She said she never formally met with ABC about it, but she'd heard the network was more interested in Bachelor in Paradise-set weddings, which is not what Ashley wanted. So, if you want to see everything go down, checking in on Ashley and Jared's (and their friends') Instagrams on the day of may be your best bet.
The Wedding Party Is Full Of Bachelor Nation Alums
Bachelor fans would notice a few famous faces in Ashley and Jared bridesmaid and groomsman parties. On Ashley's side, her sister Lauren (who was also on BiP season 2) and Jade Tolbert will both be in her wedding, according to an Instagram photo Ashley posted. For Jared's party, Dean Unglert and Nick Viall will be groomsmen, according to Us Weekly. The couple is also planning to have Jade's husband Tanner officiate, according to Entertainment Tonight. However, both Jade and Tanner may be absent if she has her baby too close to the wedding. Ashley told ET that they have a backup officiant ready just in case.
The Invite List Includes Non-Bachelor Celebs
Ashley told Access Live that their venue only holds around 200 people, so they have a pretty small guest list. She said only 12-15 Bachelor Nation members were invited. She did make room to invite a few A-list celebrities, including Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis and Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy, according to Us Weekly. However, Ashley said that she didn't think any of them would be coming.
Someone else who won't be coming? Bachelor franchise host Chris Harrison. Us Weekly reported that Ashley revealed the sad news on her podcast. "He has other prior obligations," she told listeners, adding, "so, it’s really, really, sad you guys. I think [this] might be the first Bachelor wedding he hasn’t attended. But he sent us a really nice gift from our Crate and Barrel registry, and he was very thorough and sensitive about what he said when he had to say that he couldn’t go. Like, it was a very long explanation and it was very nice. Although it was very disappointing."
The Theme Is Very Hollywood
The couple said on Access Live that they wanted "great romance movies" to be the theme of their wedding. And they added that they want the event to be less of a party and more of a romantic experience where the guests are basically watching a rom-com play out.
The Music Includes A Live Performance
According to the aforementioned ET article, American Idol season seven winner David Cook is going to be playing the wedding. "He is one of my favorite artists ever and I mean, my favorite American Idol ever, so it's really cool that he is going to perform at our wedding," Ashley said. "He has like, the warmest voice ever. He just can like, warm up an entire room, so we love that romanticism."
There Will Be Multiple Dresses
Ashley wrote about her dress shopping experience for Cosmopolitan, where she revealed that she'll be making a costume change on the big day. After falling in love with two different dresses, she just decided to find a way to wear both of them. She didn't reveal what they looked like, but she did say that she wanted them to be big and poofy.
"I [was] not entertaining a form-fitting dress. I can wear that anytime, on a red carpet or gala; I can’t ever wear a cupcake gown again," she wrote. She added that she did love lace, but that she didn't want any sparkles on the gown. "I want to shine in the dress. I don’t want the dress to shine on me," she said.
The Wedding Location Is Meaningful, Even If It's Not Paradise
According to ET, the pair is marrying in Rhode Island, which is where Jared grew up. The previously mentioned Us Weekly article reported that it will be a church wedding, and Ashley described the venue as "Beauty and the Beast-esque" to Access Live. Sounds like it will fit right in with their theme, then.
The Honeymoon Will Not Be In Mexico
People magazine reported that the couple was thinking about a Mediterranean honeymoon locale. "Italy, Greece, maybe in Mykonos … we can get a nice place overlooking the sea," Ashley said. So, not back to a secluded beach in Mexico with 20 of your closest Bachelor Nation friends, then? Yeah, that tracks.

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