Fun Fact: Jason Dohring Was Married Before Veronica Mars Ever Made Logan A Thing

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On Veronica Mars we certainly find ourselves sometimes hating how much we hate Logan (and then on the flip side loving how much we hate his bad boy antics), but when the cameras stop rolling is the actor himself up to no good off-screen? Turns out actor Jason Dohring's married life is just about the opposite of anything Logan Echolls has ever done.
We’ve watched Logan's up and down relationship with the titular Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) blossom through the ups and downs of life, but when he’s not playing Neptune’s resident troubled heir, Dohring enjoys a quiet life with his wife and four children. That’s a far, far cry from the reformed bad boy who’s broken our hearts multiple times over the last 15 years.
None of us probably would have ever guessed that the guy throwing punches and wearing puka shells for fashion would one day grow up and become a family man, but that’s the story behind Dohring and his wife Lauren Kutner, who’s a painter. The couple married in the summer of 2004 (so yes, that’s before Veronica Mars even arrived on television that fall), and their first child was then born in 2010.
Dohring is pretty private about his family life, and isn’t that active on social media, which means we don’t get as many updates about him, like we do his co-star Bell. At one point Dohring did have a Twitter but it appears to have disappeared, and a few months ago Dohring created an Instagram which currently has only six posts, including one comparing his chicken, Lauren, to his wife, Lauren:
Now might be a good time to just quickly drop the information that Dohring and his family are Scientologists, and this past year he and his family rode on the Scientology float during the Hollywood Christmas Parade.
As for his kids, there’s one thing Dohring has been very forthcoming about: His daughters love Frozen. Dohring has been talking about Frozen in interviews since the movie came out in 2013. It's doubtful they really understand their dad’s connection to Princess Anna (Bell) just yet, but back in 2015 Dohring mentioned that one of his daughters “dressed up as a Frozen character for Halloween last year. It’s a worldwide phenomenon. It’s unbelievable. I’m very happy for Kristen,” to the AV Club back in 2015. And more recently, joked in a Paste Magazine interview, “My daughter sings all the Frozen songs and has no idea what the words mean but she’s word for word. It’s just amazing.”
Dohring then went in to mention, "I would love to sing a duet with Kristen but I can’t get over myself to ask her.” He should 100 percent do that the next chance he gets, because maybe instead of going forward in the Veronica Mars story, we go back and do the whole thing over again as a straight Veronica Mars musical. Just a thought.

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