Everything You Need To Know About Taylor Swift's Role In Cats

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The Cats movie trailer was released, and the internet cackled, howled, and screamed. And then, of course, came the Cats memes.
In addition to the endless joke material from the Cats trailer, viewers got their first look at the star-filled cast, including the pop princess herself, Taylor Swift. The movie marks Swift’s return to the big screen — her last role was in the 2014 film adaptation of The Giver. Though she doesn’t have a ton of film experience, she did voice a character in The Lorax, so she’s at least used to playing furry creatures.
Of course we know that Swift has long loved cats in general, considering the many times she has featured pictures of herself and her cats on Instagram. But how does she feel about being a cat?
The answer to that burning question and everything you could possibly want to know about Swift’s next big film role in Cats lies ahead.

Who Is Taylor Swift In Cats?

Swift is set to play Bombalurina, a major character. Bombalurina was played by Donna King in the original 1986 Broadway production, and Rosemarie Ford in the 1988 film version of Cats.

Who Is Bombalurina?

Bombalurina is usually played as a confident and self-obsessed, as well as a frequent wielder of flirtation. Bombalurina flirts heavily with Rum Tum Tugger (Jason DeRulo) during one of the songs. Ultimately, however, he will reject her advances. Bombalurina also finds herself attracted to the character of Macavity (Idris Elba), but suppresses her feelings for the sake of best friend Demeter.
Demeter will be played by Broadway star Daniela Norman, so fans may see the pair together in interviews and press for the film.
Bombalurina is also notoriously mean to the character Grizabella (Jennifer Hudson), but the ladies will eventually get along by the end of the film (Swift and Jennifer Hudson collaboration, anyone?)

What Songs Does Bombalurina Sing In Cats?

Bombalurina is featured on several songs so expect to hear Swift’s voice a lot throughout the film. The song list includes "The Old Gumbie Cat," "The Rum Tum Tugger," "Grizabella: The Glamour Cat," "Bustopher Jones: The Cat About Town," and "Macavity: The Mystery Cat.”
“Macavity” is Bombalurina’s biggest song, which the character sings alongside Demeter in the later parts of the film. The song is about the mysterious and seemingly evil Mcavity, who Demeter thinks is the worst cat on Earth while Bombalurina thinks his crimes are probably not that big of a deal.

What Does Taylor Swift Look Like As A Cat?

If you didn’t find the current designs of the Cats stars to be that bad, Swift uploaded a video of herself in Bombalurina cat form on Instagram along with the trailer.
“I am a cat now and somehow that was everything #CatsMovie,” said Swift.
Whether you’re excited for the release or the subsequent memes that more footage will spark, Cats will premiere in theaters on December 20, 2019.

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