Starbucks Now Sells Flavored Creamers, So You Can Make Caramel Macchiatos At Home

Change is afoot. It’s more than readily available K-cups and proprietary roasts on grocery store shelves. We’ve been able to make Starbucks coffee at home for a few years now. But this August, a new line of Starbucks creamers will hit grocery store shelves. As always, the cream rises to the top… of our grocery lists.
The three creamers are inspired by some of the Seattle coffee maker’s most popular beverages. A classic caramel creamer checks all the boxes on a Caramel Macchiato fan’s list: buttery richness and hints of vanilla. For the lover of all things simple and classic, this might be a place to start.
For the shy palates with a sweet tooth, the White Chocolate Creamer lets you drink your White Chocolate Mocha at home. But say you want something rich with a kick? Try the Cinnamon Dolce Creamer, inspired by Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce. Maybe having a bottle of this handy will help sate any sweet-and-spicy cravings that might hit you before PSL season.
Will baristas go extinct? Probably not, because the seasonal Frappuccinos are hard to make and getting your name misspelled at a Starbucks is a right of passage. Also, we could use the rewards points.
But we have the coffee and now the creamers. It’s not a matter of what we add: ice, syrups, cookies, brownies, and anything else we could possibly pull from our pantries to make the best drinks at home. We’re thinking Starbucks coffee with ice and some Caramel Macchiato creamer. Top it with Hersey’s new Caramel Whipped cream, and if you’re feeling crazy add popcorn or caramel corn. Trust.

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