A Guide To The Music Icon Breaking The Internet: Peppa Pig

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Beyoncé basically just dropped an album and Taylor Swift's Lover is on its way, but all the internet can talk about is a pink English pig. Her name is Peppa, and she also released an album this Friday, appropriately titled My First Album. There's an addictiveness like "Baby Shark," as well as an innocence to it that has everyone meme-ing it into the sun.
Basically, what you need to accept to get in on it is that the pop music industry is absolutely shaking in the face of its newest competitor. Even people like Iggy Azalea have realized that their reign is over. We're living in Peppa Pig's world now.
But first, some basics.
Who Is Peppa Pig?
A long-running British cartoon character. The show, all about Peppa and her friends and family, began airing in 2004 and has racked up an impressive 254 episodes. 17-year-old Haley Bird currently voices her.
Is She, Like, A Big Deal?
Peppa Pig is to England as Dora The Explorer is to the U.S. Peppa Pig is an institution, and now she's finally making her way stateside thanks to the cursed nature of the internet.
Is Her Album Good?
How about I answer this question: Does the album contain a song titled "Expert Daddy Pig"? Yes. The album is mostly just get-stuck-in-your-head-addictive, but the memes that have come from it are even better. As far as Twitter is concerned, Peppa Pig is about to change the music industry as we know it.
People are using this as an opportunity to riff on the sometimes absurd and heightened nature of stan culture, making reaction videos and imploring the public not to pit female artists against each other.
Peppa occupied a niche corner of the internet thanks to the savage nature of this clip.
And now the two memes have combined into one larger narrative that, frankly, the world deserves right now.
Is anything in this world that crazy after we've seen the new Cats trailer, anyway?
If you're prepared to have all other music ruined for you, then listen to Peppa Pig's My First Album below.

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