Every Song In Point Blank Is An Adrenaline Rush For The Ears

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Anthony Mackie is out for revenge in Netflix's new movie Point Blank. The remake of the 2010 French thriller of the same name, has Mackie's Paul, an emergency room nurse, trying to save his nine-months pregnant girlfriend alongside a gun-carrying career criminal (fellow Marvel alumnus Frank Grillo). Safe to say, an Avenger Paul is not, and his partner for the day, Abe, is pumped up with painkillers, which makes this chase a lot more panic inducing. And the soundtrack of Point Blank offers the same kind of adrenaline rush.
From old school hip-hop (Grandmaster Flash, Eazy E) to punk rock classics (Dead Kennedys, Black Flag), Paul's very bad, no good day at the very least sounds pretty good. That's something right? Because honestly, everything else, is well, rough in this gritty action movie. Paul may not want anything to do with Abe and his stolen flash drive, but he's forced along for the ride with this gun-toting man who may or not be a murderer. Don't worry, Abe may be on the run from the cops and a drug kingpin, but he isn't totally heartless, making sure Paul's wife Taryn (If Beale Street Could Talk's Teyonah Parris) is okay. Though, from the looks of it, she might be better off on her own.
Of course, like Paul, viewers are just along for this crazy ride. So turn the music up, and get ready for whatever comes next in this shoot-em up thriller.

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