Every Song In Point Blank Is An Adrenaline Rush For The Ears

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Anthony Mackie is out for revenge in Netflix's new movie Point Blank. The remake of the 2010 French thriller of the same name, has Mackie's Paul, an emergency room nurse, trying to save his nine-months pregnant girlfriend alongside a gun-carrying career criminal (fellow Marvel alumnus Frank Grillo). Safe to say, an Avenger Paul is not, and his partner for the day, Abe, is pumped up with painkillers, which makes this chase a lot more panic inducing. And the soundtrack of Point Blank offers the same kind of adrenaline rush.
From old school hip-hop (Grandmaster Flash, Eazy E) to punk rock classics (Dead Kennedys, Black Flag), Paul's very bad, no good day at the very least sounds pretty good. That's something right? Because honestly, everything else, is well, rough in this gritty action movie. Paul may not want anything to do with Abe and his stolen flash drive, but he's forced along for the ride with this gun-toting man who may or not be a murderer. Don't worry, Abe may be on the run from the cops and a drug kingpin, but he isn't totally heartless, making sure Paul's wife Taryn (If Beale Street Could Talk's Teyonah Parris) is okay. Though, from the looks of it, she might be better off on her own.
Of course, like Paul, viewers are just along for this crazy ride. So turn the music up, and get ready for whatever comes next in this shoot-em up thriller.
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Black Flag, "Rise Above"

This 1981 track from the Henry Rollins-led punk band gives a helpful piece of advice on how to overcome the haters: "rise above, you gotta rise above." It's also the perfectly chaotic soundtrack for a shootout in the middle of suburbia.
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Atlantic Starr, "Always"

This 1987 ballad that is just the right kind of cheesy, which is why it's kind of cute that Taryn (Teyonah Parris) is listening to this R&B song while she tries to get some R&R in her future baby's room.
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Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five feat. Melle Mel & Duke Bootee, "The Message"

This Netflix flick goes old school with Grandmaster Flash's rap track that sends the message in the city, everyone's out for themselves. In this case, Paul is out to release a criminal from the hospital in hopes of getting his wife back. But, don't worry, he does so responsibly, packing up all the medical supplies this patient will need.
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Oran "Juice" Jones, "The Rain"

Some might remember this track, which tells the story of a rain-soaked jilted lover, from SNL. Yes, this is the R&B video Donald Glover recreated and as you can see, he was pretty spot-on. But, it also makes for good fightin' music in a car wash, who knew?
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Sigue Sigue Sputnik, "Love Missile F1-11"

This frenetic 1986 debut single is the British new wave band's biggest hit and it plays as Paul tries to outrun the cops in a PT Cruiser. Safe to say, not the best with the handles.
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Little Bessie, "I'm Broken Hearted"

As the title of the song says, the Empress of the Blues, as she was known in the '20s and '30s, is broken hearted and hurting. Fitting then that this blues track helps soothe Abe's bullet wound. It's way better than listening to Paul's story.
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Pretty Tony, "Jam The Box"

The 1991 robotic synth track from Pretty Tony might sound familiar to anyone who's heard Flo Rida's "In the Ayer." Yeah, it's his jam and also Cheetah's, too.
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Eazy E, "Real Muthaphuckkin G's"

The N.W.A. rapper directed this 1993 diss track at his former bandmate Dr. Dre, but this track is dedicated to Big D, who Abe goes to for help.
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Kid 'N Play, "Rollin' With Kid 'N Play"

For this movie, you're rollin' with Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo, and they're rollin' with this hip-hop duo, who's playing at D's as he waxes poetic about TCM and his favorite film, the 1985 thriller, To Live And Die In L.A.
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Dead Kennedys, "Holiday In Cambodia (Single)"

The 1978 punk track takes down privileged American college students. For Point Blank, it helps Abe tell his story about dirty cops.
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Brutus, "Excitation"

Get ready to get down with this boogie funk track from the Philly band that will have you dancing in no time. Or, in the case of Paul, you know, trying to take down some dirty cops with a little bit of movie magic. Seriously, Big D has some real directing skills.
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ABC, "The Look Of Love"

For those that don't know the "look of love," well, don't worry this English band is here to help you with a lot of very '80s synths. For Abe, it's finally knowing he took Regina (Marcia Gay Harden) down. For Paul, it's finally seeing his baby boy.
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Whitesnake, "Here I Go Again"

It never stops for Abe, but lucky for, this '80s hair band will always be there to soundtrack movie moments such as this.

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