The American Love Island Cast Has Been Training (On Instagram) For This Moment

Photo: Courtesy of CBS.
Fans of deliciously dramatic reality dating shows get ready! The U.S. version of Love Island has finally arrived on CBS and a villa in Fiji is currently the home for single men and women searching for love. The show has very high expectations to live up to, but if the American Love Island contestants' Instagrams are any indication of what their personalities will be like on TV, then the next five weeks should be drama-filled and fun!
In case you aren’t familiar, Love Island is also a hit UK series (revived from an earlier version) that airs seven days a week and is currently on its fifth season. The U.S. Love Island will be on every weekday and has rightfully been compared to Bachelor In Paradise and Big Brother because it involves a bunch of young people being cut-off from the outside world and living in a tropical location. On Love Island, new islanders are constantly arriving at the villa and those who do not “couple up” at each recoupling ceremony can be dumped from the island. Because it airs in real time, viewers can also impact who stays in the villa and the contestants compete in embarrassing challenges that sometimes include public input. Dramatic, no?
Fans of the original can expect a few differences in the US interpretation. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer David Eilenberg admitted that the U.S. version of Love Island won’t be able to show as many sexual situations because of American broadcast restrictions. However, there will still be scandalous antics to be had. “There are games that are meant to bond, games that are meant to spark attraction, and games that are just hilarious… The U.S. Islanders have seen the U.K. show, for the most part. They know what they’re walking into and are excited to do it,” he told EW.
The one thing that won't change about Love Island, is that Islanders tend to love a camera, and thus Instagram. And thus, we're gonna sleuth...

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