Post-Bachelorette, Mike Is Keeping His Updates Extremely Vague

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
One of the reasons it’s so mind-boggling that Luke P. has yet to be eliminated on The Bachelorette has nothing to do with his toxic behavior — though that in and of itself is enough to show this dude the door! — but his continued presence is also confusing from the aspect that there are so many other great guys for Hannah B. to choose from.
This was particularly true when it came to Bachelorette contestant Mike Johnson, who has been nothing but an absolute gentleman right from the very beginning of the season. However, even though he’s completely deserving of that final rose, we all know by now that the decent ones don’t always get their just rewards, which is why some of you may be wondering what Mike is doing now that his Bachelorette time is over.
The truth is, though, that it’s difficult to say with absolute certainty what Mike is currently doing with his life now that filming for The Bachelorette has come to a close. The man won't say a thing. Most of Mike’s Instagram posts are dedicated to modeling or focused on promoting his time on the ABC series. However, from the tone of his captions, it seems he's thoroughly enjoying his newfound Bachelor nation fame.
Several of Mike’s recent Instagram posts feature him modeling various outfits (and looking extremely dapper in the process), but while his handsomeness cannot be denied, neither can the fact that his accompanying captions continue to show the wisdom and level-headedness we loved on the show. “Be yourself, I love you like that,” one of his recent captions reads, while another one goes on to explain why he got a particular tattoo: “BreatheLife is a tattoo I have. To me it means so many things. One that I'll highlight is so simple for some but difficult for others, just SMILE.”
There’s also a sweet super photo of Mike hanging out with a teeny tiny goat that’s all but guaranteed to put a smile on your face no matter what. Again, it’s difficult to deduce from these photos where he is right now and why he’s spending time with some adorable young goats, but one thing’s for sure — he remains just as kind and wonderful as ever. Never change, Mike. Please, never change.

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