Get To Know Midsommar's Cast — Before They Descend Into Madness

Photo: Courtesy of A24 Pictures.
Unlike most horror movies, Ari Aster's new horror movie Midsommar takes place in idyllic, glaringly bright daylight. The film is set in Sweden, at the time of year when days are so long the sun doesn’t set, during a summer solstice festival that only happens once every 90 years. It’s Aster’s second film after 2018’s Hereditary, and like his debut movie, Midsommar deals with grief and fear. It also centers a painful breakup, showing both sides of a failing relationship with the added stress of travel, hallucinogens, and a possible cultish sacrifice situation. Much of the Midsommar cast are Swedish actors, but the movie centers around four Americans who are guests at the titular festival (a group that includes The Good Place's Chidi, aka William Jackson Harper). One small problem: Their roles in the summer festivities may not be quite what they thought when they first arrived in Sweden.
Early reviews of Midsommar have been positive, and the visuals of actors dressed in white garb and flower crowns while legitimately screaming in sunlit fields are haunting enough to make us doubt anyone who asks us to attend an outdoor festival ever again.
Get to know the probably doomed cast of Midsommar, before they are, you know, doomed.

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