Everything We Know About Beyoncé's Secret Lion King Song

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You don't have to wait for a new album to hear a new Beyoncé song. (Though seriously, when is that rumored B7 coming?) According to Fandango's new interview with director Jon Favreau, Beyoncé has an original song coming to the Lion King soundtrack. Unfortunately, the track is more mysterious than the identity of Becky With The Good Hair.
Beyoncé will portray lady lion Nala in the upcoming Disney remake, and thanks to an international TV spot, we've already heard a snippet from her "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" duet with Donald Glover. (Sometimes the world gives you everything you want, and that's basically what happened with the epic cast of The Lion King remake.)
On Tuesday, Disney shared the full soundtrack track list for The Lion King. One track is simply called "TBA," and Favreau stated that the untitled song belongs to Bey. According to Favreau's interview with Fandango, it will be an original number and not one from the 1994 animated movie.
"We have all the original songs, but there's a song that she performed and wrote in the spirit of the production along with working with Lebo M., who's part of it with Hans Zimmer," Favreau told the outlet. "They were all collaborating with her and helping to bring this new piece of music into a film where there's already a very established musical personality to the piece. So it was nice of them to have them working with her to allow the new song to feel organically a part of the new production."
Bey isn't the only superstar who will be adding to The Lion King soundtrack. Elton John also wrote an original song for the film, titled "Never Too Late." (Should John's track be nominated for an Oscar, there's a chance he'll compete against himself as his biopic Rocketman could also be in contention for the Academy Award's music categories.)
In addition to Bey writing a new song for the movie, she'll also be a major player as an actress.
"In the original film, her role is not as large as in the stage production, and we definitely drew inspiration, and that was one of the areas where we were going to expand," Favreau explained to Fandango.
It's never too late to retitle The Lion King and call it The Lion Queen Bey. Just saying!

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