Finally! Hear Beyoncé & Donald Glover Dueting "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?"

Photo: Kevin Winter/PW18/Getty Images.
The world may be divided over whether Seth Rogen's Pumbaa is cute or horrifying, but they won't be over the film's duet featuring Beyoncé and Donald Glover. The two are set to star as The Lion King's love birds (love...cats?) Simba and Nala, and finally, their epic song has been revealed — in part, anyway.
For any Disney kid who grew up swooning over the song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" you'll definitely have feelings about Bey and Glover's version of the track. It first appeared in an international TV spot for the upcoming movie.
Their version of the song isn't quite like the original animated movie — it's more soulful, and features some classic Beyoncé vocal riffs. Like the original movie's version, however, it makes us ship Simba and Nala.
The song should make anyone worried about Bey's voice in the upcoming movie finally relax. Some fans were initially worried that Beyoncé's Texas twang would be distracting when portraying the African lion — made all the worse by the fact that Nala's voice was seemingly missing from much of The Lion King's promos. However, Nala finally spoke in a June promo, and it became clear that there was no better choice for the lioness who kicks Simba's conflicted Hamlet ass into high gear.
One person who is a fan of the new song is Billy Eichner, who portrays Timon in the upcoming movie. On the Keep It podcast, Eichner told Ira Madison III what the world now knows.
"I’ve heard her sing ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight?’ with Donald Glover and I’m telling you, it’s fucking good," Eichner revealed.
As if a Disney movie that stars Beyoncé and Glover would ever have a less than stellar duet. If these two didn't already feel the love for their Lion King characters, they certainly will now.

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