How The Cast Of The Loudest Voice Compares To The Real Life Figures

Photo: Courtesy of Showtime.
Imagine a world without Fox News (or, perhaps just think of the world before Fox News was founded in 1996). The Loudest Voice, a seven-part mini-series airing on Showtime starting on June 30, looks into the creation of the news network, and Roger Ailes, the controversial figure behind it.
Ailes looms as a larger-than-life figure in recent American history. He died in 2017 at the age of 77, but with Fox News, he left behind a legacy that continues to shape politics and the world-views of many. The Loudest Voice is a portrait of Ailes that focuses especially on his behavior with women who worked for him. In 2016, longtime Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson was the first woman to file a sexual harassment suit against Ailes. The ensuing cavalcade of allegations culminated in Ailes' resignation as Chairman and CEO of Fox News in 2016.
The Loudest Voice turns these recent events into a TV show, with A-list actors playing everyone involved. Here's how the actors stack up to the real figures, most of whom are still around today. What would Hollywood do without prosthetics?

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