The Best Movies To Watch On Netflix In October 2019

Photo Credit: Moviestore Collection/Shutterstock
Quick, pick a movie off your cinematic bucket list. You know — the movie that you're sort of embarrassed you haven't seen yet. Why haven't you checked to see if it's on Netflix, so you can watch it right now, no more dawdling necessary?
Perhaps it's because Netflix hasn't popped said movie into your feed. Netflix is really good at giving you what you want. Rather, what Netflix thinks you want. Often, the algorithm is correct. You'll enjoy the movies that Netflix presents as you scroll.
Beyond the rows of TV shows and brand-new movies, there are hidden treasures and classic movies any cinephile would enjoy watching. We've gathered up the best of the bunch that are streaming in July 2019, and will be updating the list each month. Can you watch them all?

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