How Netflix's Murder Mystery Ends, In Case You're Curious But Not That Curious

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: Spoilers are ahead.
Are you a little in the dark after watching Netflix's latest movie, Murder Mystery, this weekend? Or perhaps you want to find out the plot ahead of time to see if it’s worth watching? If you're not quite sure if you want to spend a few hours with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, here's what you need to know.
The movie puts Aniston and Sandler's Audrey and Nick Spitz on a yacht, the unwitting guests of rich playboy Charles Cavendish (Luke Evans). Everyone thinks they're on the yacht to celebrate the wedding of Charles' ex-fiancee Suzi (Shioli Kutsuna) to Charles's Uncle Malcolm (Terence Stamp), but in actuality, Malcolm has invited everyone onto his yacht to tell them they're disinherited and he's leaving his entire $70 billion fortune to his new bride, Suzi.
But before Malcolm can sign his new will and testament, the lights go out and Malcolm is stabbed in the heart with a fancy dagger that was purportedly given to his family by Marco Polo. A French inspector is brought in and he immediately fingers the Spitzes, who must now work together to figure out who really killed Malcolm.
In the end, there aren't many suspects left standing — Charles's son Tobias (David Walliams) is killed and it is made to look like a suicide; Sergei (Olafur Darri Olafsson), a bodyguard who knows more than he lets on is shot; Suzi is taken out by a poisoned blow dart; Charles himself is poisoned. The Spitzes meet with Inspector Delacroix (Dany Boon) and the remaining suspects — actress Grace Ballard (Gemma Arterton), Maharajah Vikram (Adeel Akhtar), Col. Ulengi (John Kani) and race car driver Juan Carlos (Luis Gerardo Mendez) — to conduct the patented murder mystery reveal and exonerate themselves.
It turns out that Malcolm has a secret daughter. After the colonel saved Malcolm from a bombing and landed himself in a coma, Malcolm stole his girlfriend Madeline. The girlfriend died in childbirth, but the daughter survived — and that secret daughter is Grace Ballard! She was working with Toby to kill their father because French law lets them inherit regardless of the will, and then she took out Toby to keep all the money for herself.
After Grace pulls a gun, Nick takes her out with a shot to the shoulder and the day is saved. But at that point, there's still 15 minutes left. What gives?
The extra twist is that Grace was working with a partner. The hapless race car driver who pretended not to speak English has been in cahoots with the actress the entire time to get revenge for his father's racing accident that took his legs, which happened because of Malcolm cutting safety corners.
The Spitzes give chase when Juan Carlos tries to escape and in what might be the most unbelievable part of the movie, Audrey runs down a race car driver despite being in a manual sports car and never having driven stick before. But she catches him and does a little day-saving of her own, with an assist from the tour bus the Spitzes were supposed to be on before getting an invitation to Charles' yacht, which is a fun little callback.
There is also a cheeky little joke right at the end after Juan Carlos is hauled into custody. The French inspector, on behalf of Interpol, sends the Spitzes on a special trip for the rest of their honeymoon — a little train ride on none other than the Orient Express, which is the setting for a famous Agatha Christie murder mystery called Murder on the Orient Express. Perhaps this is the film’s way of setting up a sequel.

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