The Cast Of Netflix's Murder Mystery Is Full Of Actors You Kinda, Sorta Remember From Something Else

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Reuniting for their first time since the 2011 rom-com Just Go With It, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston star in Netflix's latest movie, Murder Mystery. They play husband and wife Nick and Audrey Spitz — he's an NYPD cop, she's a hairdresser, and they've been married 15 years. For their anniversary, Nick initially gets her an Amazon gift card (yeah, that really happens) and then, at the last minute, finally takes Audrey on the trip to Europe he promised her when they got married.
Unfortunately for them (fortunately for viewers), things quickly go awry when Audrey goes sneaking into first class on the flight and meets Viscount Charles Cavendish (Luke Evans). He invites the Spitzes to join him on his Uncle Malcolm's (Terrence Stamp) yacht for the weekend. Having only planned a bus tour to find out how ham is cured (again, Nick really is that guy), they agree and become embroiled in a good old-fashioned murder mystery (hence the title) when people start showing up dead.
They have to work to prove that it wasn't them, so the Spitzes team up against Inspector Laurent Delacroix (Danny Boon) to figure out which one of Malcolm's friends or family members took him out. And yes, you recognize pretty much every suspect in this lineup for a reason.
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Jennifer Aniston Plays Audrey

Her Character: This put-upon hairdresser wants nothing more than a husband who pays attention and treats her with at least a modicum of romance. Nick is not that man, but he does seem to learn a valuable lesson about that when they find themselves mixed up in the murder of a billionaire.

Where You've Seen Her: Friends, duh. Aniston earned several Emmy and Golden Globe noms (and two wins) for her 10 years playing Rachel Green on the hugely popular sitcom. Since then, she's starred in many movies, including the 2015 drama Cake, which also earned her a Golden Globe nod.
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Adam Sandler Plays Nick

His Character: Nick is a schlubby cop who just failed the detective exam (again) and is basically goaded into taking his wife to Europe by one of their mutual friends. He's suspicious of Cavendish and the yacht offer but goes along with it for Audrey's sake. However, he leaps into action after Malcolm is murdered in order to prove his and his wife's innocence.

Where You've Seen Him: First Saturday Night Live and then dozens of comedies over the years — Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and Punch-Drunk Love are among his most famous.
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Terence Stamp Plays Malcolm

His Character: This billionaire is Charles' uncle who also stole Charles' fiancee Suzi; the yacht trip is to celebrate Charles and Suzi's wedding. One of his prized possessions is a dagger given to their family by Marco Polo (or so the legend says). So naturally, Chekhov's Dagger is what is used to kill Charles the first night on the yacht — this is called Murder Mystery, after all. Everyone has a motive because right before he is murdered Malcolm reveals that he is leaving his entire fortune to Suzi. But he is killed before he and Suzi can sign the new will.

Where You've Seen Him: This Oscar-nominated actor has been playing off-beat characters for decades, in films like Billy Budd, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Big Eyes.
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Luke Evans Plays Charles

His Character: A wealthy playboy viscount who befriends Audrey and invites the Spitzes to join him on his uncle's yacht in Monaco for the weekend. His uncle stole his fiancee and is also going to disinherit him, so he certainly has plenty of motive to kill Uncle Malcolm.

Where You've Seen Him: He really broke onto the scene as Owen Shaw in the Fast and the Furious franchise and also recently played a newspaperman in TNT's period drama The Alienist.
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Shioli Kutsuna Plays Suzi

Her Character: Suzi is Malcolm's new wife and heir to his $70 billion fortune, much to everyone else's dismay. She's about the only person without a motive to kill him... or is she? Perhaps she's trapped in a loveless marriage and sees murder as her only way out.

Where You've Seen Her: This actress is a relative newcomer in the United States, having mostly worked in Japan before very recently. But in addition to Murder Mystery, her recent U.S. projects also include Deadpool 2.
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David Walliams Plays Tobias

His Character: Malcolm's son and Charles' cousin, Toby is a mysterious character whose inheritance was going to Suzi right up until Malcolm was murdered. He seems like an obvious suspect, which is what makes him all too obvious.

Where You've Seen Him: This British comedian has appeared on Little Britain, Little Britain USA, Come Fly With Me, Big School and Partners in Crime.
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Gemma Arterton Plays Grace

Her Character: She's an actress whose breakout role was in Sex Machina and upon meeting her, Nick is falling all over himself. But she's just about the only person who couldn't have murdered Malcolm, or so it seems.

Where You've Seen Her: She got her start as a Bond girl in Quantum of Solace and has since appeared in Clash of the Titans, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and the Watership Down miniseries.
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Adeel Akhtar Plays Vikram

His Character: He's a maharajah whose family fortunes are mixed up with Malcolm's fortune. He doesn't seem to have much of a motive to kill Malcolm... at first. Until Vikram’s secret romance is revealed later in the movie.

Where You've Seen Him: Akhtar has recently starred in some big projects, including The Night Manager, The Big Sick, Counterpart, Les Miserables and Killing Eve.
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John Kani Plays Col. Ulenga

His Character: Malcolm's best friend and a member of the Namibian Defense Force. It seems like he would have no motive to kill his friend, but it turns out that there is more to Malcolm's relationship with the colonel than meets the eye.

Where You've Seen Him: This character actor has been working for over 40 years, but he recently became a recognizable face after playing King T'Chaka in Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther.
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Luis Gerardo Mendez Plays Juan Carlos

His Character: He's on the yacht before racing in the Monaco Grand Prix and doesn't speak English. But he may be out for revenge against Malcolm, whose safety corner-cutting hurt Juan Carlos's father years ago.

Where You've Seen Him: This Mexican actor is a relative newcomer in the United States as well, but he will appear later this year in the new Charlie's Angels starring Elizabeth Banks, Naomi Scott and Kristen Stewart.
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Dany Boon Plays Inspector Delacroix

His Character: This hard-nosed French detective is convinced that the out-of-place Americans are to blame for Malcolm's murder, so he will stop at nothing to prove that they're the culprits.

Where You've Seen Him: He has primarily worked in French film and TV.
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Olafur Darri Olafsson Plays Sergei

His Character: He is Col. Ulengi's bodyguard who failed to see the bomber that took out the colonel's eye and hand and almost killed Malcolm too. He tells the Spitzes just why the colonel has a motive to kill Malcolm... and that the colonel was asking about how to do it.

Where You've Seen Him: This Icelandic actor has appeared in many well-known TV shows and films — Banshee, The Missing, Lady Dynamite, The Meg, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and NOS4A2.

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